I haven't updated my journal on this in forever XD I suppose it's because I'm not really the journaling type, and I don't think anybody really watches me on here, or would read my journals even if I put them up. I never post journals on my DA. Which sounds silly, as this is 'livejournal'. But I really just like to lurk the communities, and occasionally post. Then again, I want to be a writer and people say journaling is great practice, though I hate to post lots of whiny journal entries about my 'oh so tragic' life. I tried keeping a private journal once, but my life just isn't interesting enough to keep up with one of those. I suppose if people thought I was interesting I might update things on here more often. But I don't really have much to say. I honestly don't even know who I'm writing this to, because nobody is going to read it. I guess it was just on the off chance that somebody decides to glance at my page, and I wanted to have something else up here instead of that art-whoring first post I put up when I got my livejournal.

Oh, and speaking of art whoring, if there actually is anybody reading this... CHECK OUT MY COSPLAY, GAIS.
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